At Payroll Data Plus, we know that employing a carer or personal assistant for the first time, can be a daunting experience which brings with it many responsibilities you would rather not have to deal with, such as income tax, national insurance, paying wages and employment law.

This is why we have worked hard to put together a package to suit you and take away many of the tasks you would need to deal with, allowing you to concentrate on the things that are important to you.

So what can we do for you?

You will need to determine if your carer is employed or self-employed.  We can do this for you, by way of a questionnaire, or you can use the HMRC Employment Status Indicator tool which will tell you if your carer or personal assistant is employed or self-employed.

If your carer or personal assistant is an employee, the next step is to register with HMRC as an employer.  This is very easy to do over the phone, or we can take care of this for you and once registered you can send information to HMRC online, or if you are employing a carer, HMRC might treat you as a ‘care and support employer’ which means you can still use paper to send information to HMRC.

Once registered with HMRC as an employer, will run your payroll weekly, fortnightly or monthly as you prefer, send information to HMRC for you each payroll and send you a monthly or quarterly statement to pay HMRC, which can do for you.

Our team are very experienced and will deal with as much of the administration as possible.

  • By using us for your payroll, you will benefit from a single point of contact, that understands you and your requirements.
  • A friendly professional service.
  • We will keep all of your payroll records.
  • Issue payslips to your employee, detailing tax and national insurance deductions in line with your payroll frequency
  • Electronically file with HMRC a Full Payment Submission (FPS) each time you pay your employee, as well as an Employer’s Payment Submission (EPS) whenever necessary.
  • Issue annual statements to your employee, P60.
  • Offer employment and payroll advice as needed.
  • Provide references from other employers employing carers or personal assistants before you take up our service, allowing you the opportunity to be 100% certain we are the right service for you.